.::CINQ ONZE::. Apple Lace Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Main Shop


New Release!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Apple Lace Tattoo

I`ve made a lace tattoo with an Apple motif.

It comes in three different shades and as usual,

those using Viewer 2 and up will be able to tint the white version.

You`ll find this instore now and you can be ready to

greet Santa whenever he may happen to come ^^

Hope you have lots of fun visiting a very snowy .::CINQ ONZE::.

See you in store ♪

.::CINQ ONZE::. Main Shop


Lace Part Three

.::CINQ ONZE::. Snow Lace Tattoo _A

.::CINQ ONZE::. Snow Lace Tattoo _B

There are three tones included, Deep,
White and a slightly lighter shade of Black
Those using Viewer 2.xx will be able to tint the White version on the tattoo layer.

kokoro-chan from .+*Heart Softens*+. has made a light
and fluffy pompom ring for us.

I think you`ll find it`s just perfect for accessorising when wearing the gloves.

Just touch the ring to pull up the resize menu.

Come have a look-see and also check out the new Group Gift while you are here.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Main Shop

.::CINQ ONZE::. Heart Softens

Our newest Group Gift is out♪

.::CINQ ONZE::. Heart to Heart tattoo GGift

This time we have a hand tattoo.
Winter is a difficlut season for the tattoo artist
as I`m sure you can appreciate.
So I`ve got a decoration for those hands peaking out of sleeves.

It`s possible to tint the white finger tattoo,
so have fun playing around with differnt colours♪

Hope you enjoy them❤

.::CINQ ONZE::. Main Shop

.::CINQ ONZE::. Heart Softens


This is our second Face tattoo release.

Perfect for the coming season!
Sparkling, shining Snowflakes.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Snow Lace Tattoo_Face

Snow Lace comes in three different shades, Black, Deep & White.
If you are using Viewer 2 you`ll be able to tint the tattoo.
Please be sure to make a back-up copy before attempting to tint.

Also, a new Group Gift will be released soon.  If you don`t have the current Group Gifts
already, please come down and pick these up before they disappear.
Don`t forget ♪ ^^

See you in store!

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop


come on ! come play !!


There are also free to play machines. ^^

So come play!!

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop


Let's play ZYNGO!

ZYNGO has arrived at the Main Shop.

Why don`t you too give it a try!!

Have fun and enjoy your Second Life。

See you in store ^^

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop



There was a little problem with the .::CINQ ONZE::. Spider Face Tattoo.

We had thought that you would be able to tint the tattoo

when using the Tattoo layer in viewer 2.0.

But it turns out that only the creator can do this with the tattoo layer.

We are so very sorry!

So! We`ve included 6 different colour versions of the tattoo.

Black, White, Green, Red, Purple and Orange.

I recommend the Purple. And I`ve thrown in Orange just for Halloween ^^

I`ll be sending out a replacement set to those who have already purchased the tattoo.

Thank-you for your understanding.

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop

We`ve made a Face Tattoo!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Spider Face Tattoo

These come on the tattoo layer and both right and left side versions are included.
Permissions are copy/mod  Ok.
It`s a unisex tattoo and just perfect for Halloween ^^

You`ll find it at our main store in the building to the right as you TP in. 
See you in store ^^

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop


New Release!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Last Tattoo

The image of a colourful snake adorns the forearm and on the back, an angel.

The words `OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER` are tattooed across the front.

You can find it in store now.

We`ve put out some pose balls in the ground level garden and

created a little spot for snapshots. 

Come by and try them out ^^


 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop



New release!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Pray Tattoo

 'Pray' This is a colour tattoo. 
There are two different shades included so I`m sureyou`ll find one that suits your skin tone.

.::CINQ ONZE::. 893 Tattoo

The name of this tattoo is '893'.
In Japanese we read this as ya-ku-za.
The Yakuza is the Japanese Mafia.
No doubt you`ll want to co-ordinate this tattoo with a Japanese Kimono.

See you all in store!

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop


Our newest tattoo was made by syunn.

It`s a new leg tattoo with a mixture of Western and Japanese motiffs.

Above the knee is Western and below, Japanese.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Dreams Tattoo

You will find it in the mainstore now.  Come down and take a look :)

There is an EXIT door in the mainstore that you can use to TP to our garden.

 Here you will find a small area perfect for taking photos.

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop


Group Gift

The new Group Gift is out.
It`s another of the very popular leg tattoos.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Heartbrake Tattoo GGift

You`ll find it at the new main store.
We hope you are enjoying the new main store location

 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop


moved our main store

This is to let you know we`ve moved our main store.

The old location was very laggy and no doubt inconvenient for our customers.
We`re so grateful for everyone that came to the old location to shop
in spite of the horrible lag. Thankyou so much!

The new location has so little lag you`ll be able to even happily skip around!

We plan to steadily keep releasing new items
and can`t wait to see you all at our brand new main store.


 .::CINQ ONZE::. new main shop

syunn Loon & NOAH Windstorm


Group Gift

Sorry for the wait!

Newest Group Gift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Chain Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Spine Tattoo GGift
[  ☑M  ☑C ]

Recently our very good friends at  .+*HS*+. opened their mainstore.
To celebrated the opening some group lucky boards have been set up. 
.::CINQ ONZE::. has put out some accessory tattoos in our LB.

The store is just beautiful and we really hope you get a chance to take a look.

.+*Heart Softens*+. + .::CINQ ONZE::



 thank you:)
Kocoro & Nagomi

New Release!

.::CINQ ONZE::. GaNeZa Tattoo

The chest is decorated with a bold image of a demon`s face
and on the back the image of Ganeza. 
Don` t you get the feeling that they will protect you from harm?

We really hope you enjoy the bold, oriental motiffs of this tattoo.


New Release[[Butterfly Lace ]]

This tattoo is perfect for either an Elegant or Casual look!

Our newest release is a butterfly motif, lace tattoo.


.::CINQ ONZE::. Butterfly Lace Tattoo

Included is a matching pair of lace gloves.`s tintable! So have fun playing around with lots of different colours.

In store now so come down and have a look!



We`ve decided to only offer the group gift via Xstreet.

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Card Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Stars Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Love Catch GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Hope Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Last Angel Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Red Star Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Japanese Style Collage Tattoo GGift

.::CINQ ONZE::. Shooting Star Tattoo GGift.

Go to Xstreet


New Release! [[ Ganeza ]]


The Indian Goddess - Ganeza
Let`s all increase our luck with this tattoo of
the God of Wealth and Fortune!


Ganeza is an oriental motif done in lots of warm
and vivid colours and is perfect for showing off
when wearing your short sleeve shirts.

Availible in store now.

Have a fantastic and stylish SL!

Tattoo introduction vol. Ⅴ

.::CINQ ONZE::. Tribal Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Rabbit Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Spider Tattoo


.::CINQ ONZE::. Heart Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Lotus Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Maria Tattoo

Tattoo introduction vol.Ⅳ

.::CINQ ONZE::. God Tattoo



.::CINQ ONZE::. Satan Tattoo



.::CINQ ONZE::. Past Tattoo


 .::CINQ ONZE::. Future Tattoo

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Sword Tattoo


.::CINQ ONZE::. Lace Tattoo


Tattoo introduction vol.Ⅲ

.::CINQ ONZE::. Lip Tattoo



 .::CINQ ONZE::. Moon Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Sakura Tattoo

.::CINQ ONZE::. Skeleton Tattoo


 .::CINQ ONZE::. Rose Girl Tattoo

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Happiness Tattoo

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Kawaii Tattoo

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Festival Tattoo

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Allen Tattoo

 .::CINQ ONZE::. Oni Tattoo