gatcha gatcha

I don`t know about you, but every where I look there are Gacha Gacha. 
Maybe it`s just me..I don`t know,
but either way we`ve also set out some Gacha at .::CINQ ONZE::.!!

At our Main Store....

You`ll find the eight different ones above. 

At our HS store..

 You`ll find the eight different ones pictured here.

 One play is 40L$ and they are Trans OK so you can pass them around^^
They are all on the tattoo layer. 

Come have a go!


New Release and New Group Lucky Board

.::CINQ ONZE::.Study Tattoo

If you look really close you`ll be able to see the equations written on it ^^
This coloured version is availible for purchase.
It also includes a really cute little face tattoo.

.::CINQ ONZE::.Study Black Tattoo LB

 We`ve put this monochrome version in the Group Lucky Board.
Make sure your group tag is active and have fun!
The letter changes every 10mins.

See you in store! ^^


Hair Make .+*Heart Softens*+. + .::CINQ ONZE::. Tattoo Shop.