Thank you!!

We were so suprised!  Thank-you so much everyone!
Our group has now passed the 1000 member mark!!

We are sooooo happy.

So, even though we are a little late - please forgive us ^^ - we have prepared
a group gift to comemmorate the 1000 member mark.
Please come down and pick up the tattoo whenever you like. 
Hope you enjoy it!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Hanafuda Summer Thanks 1000

So... from now on to both encourage me,
and to enable us to fully satisfy our most loyal customers,
we have decided to set a fee for joining the group.

I hope to keep learning and studying and all the while doing my best to satisfy
our wonderful group members.

Thankyou all so much for your encouragement up til now,
and we know we can count on your continued support. 

Thank-you again so much!


New release and LB

I`ve been just a little bit inspired by The Pirates of the Carribean!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Pirate Tattoo

This is a full body tattoo with images in two places at the back of the neck.

I`ve also changed out the Lucky Board.

This tattoo has you covered in stamps and immigration stamps like you`d find in your passport!
I`ve stamped all over ^^

.::CINQ ONZE::. Stamp Tattoo(LB)

The Group LB works the same as before. 
Simply activate your group tag and wait for your letter to come up.

These are waiting for you instore now ^^

 .::CINQ ONZE::.main shop


New Tattoo!

Three new tattoos!  Yes, three!
Just like the new group gift these are all leg tattoos.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Carp Tattoo
This one is in colour with a Japanese flavour to it!

.::CINQ ONZE::. Birds Tattoo
This one`s an ink tattoo with lots of birds flying all about.
It`s a little bit Hitchcock-ish really.


.::CINQ ONZE::. Flower Dots Tattoo
This one has a pop-art feel to it. Only the flowers are in colour.  It`s cute!

We have lots of ideas and plans for releases from now through summer so it should be fun ^^

Hope to see you in store soon ~♪

.::CINQ ONZE::.main shop

.+*Heart Softens+*.+.::CINQ ONZE::.

New Group Gift!

We`re already halfway through June, but here is the
latest group gift from .::CINQ ONZE::.

This time there are two! Both are for the legs.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Dog Tattoo G.GIFT
at .::CINQ ONZE::. Main Shop 

.::CINQ ONZE::. Poison Star Tattoo G.Gift
at the .+*Heart Softens*+. store.

For both of these you`ll need to activate your
.::CINQ ONZE::. **Update Group** tag and touch the board.

Waiting for you instore now~♪