We were a little bit late with Halloween so to make up for it Xmas is coming early!

  .::CINQ ONZE::. 2011 X'mas Black Tattoo
This is a colour tattoo, with lettering done in black,
that I made with Christmas Illuminations for inspiration.

 .::CINQ ONZE::. 2011 X'mas White Tattoo

This one is also in colour, inspired by Christmas Light-ups.
In keeping with the White X'mas theme the lettering is in white ink.

And here's what you've been waiting for....
our latest Group Gift!

 .::CINQ ONZE::. 2011 X'mas Kanji Tattoo

The kanji characters on the back of the leg mean 'Merry Christmas!' and on the front, 'Christmas'.
This one is done in black ink with an overlay of colour to give it a neon like touch.
 This one is unisex.

Last but not least.....

 .::CINQ ONZE::. 2011 X'mas Tattoo LB

A new tattoo in the Lucky Board!

Christmas Illumination in white ink!
I hope you enjoy co-ordinating with this full body tattoo.

 See you in store soon ❤

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