Group Gift!


I've based this tattoo on the story of Miminashi Hoichi (Earless Hoichi).
(Who is Miminashi Hoichi you ask?  He is a character in a scary old,
Japanese ghost story.  Hoichi was tattooed from head to toe with
the text of the Heart Sutra to protect him from spirits.
The only part of his body the spirits could see were his untattooed ears.
 So when the spirits came to get him, they took his ears.)

Full Body tattoo of the Heart Sutra written in Japanese.
You see full English script tattoos but I wanted to try a full body Japanese script.

I hope you enjoy it and try mixing and matching with other tattoos,
including the new release, .::CINQ ONZE::. OKYOU

Also, please come down and visit our new store.

.::CINQ ONZE::. Afternoon Tea

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